Interested in Buying Lobster Wholesale?

Are your customers demanding MAINE lobster DIRECTLY from the fisherman?

We go to haul so you can provide the best, freshest Maine lobster to your customers! Ordering directly from the fishermen adds integrity to your menus for consumers to enjoy!  We have the ability to support wholesale customers of all sizes--whether you are looking for our catch to offer lobster rolls, lobster meat, lobster stew, lobster topped salads, surf and turf or any other creative dish

--we have your lobster order covered. 

We offer competitive pricing for all of our partners. 

Our wholesale customers include restaurants, seasonal businesses, food trucks and more!  Our clients include Maine businesses as well as customers across the country.  We have the ability to ship live lobster and/or picked lobster meat directly to your business nationwide.  Are you a Maine local? We can arrange pick-up or delivery right here in your backyard.


Please reach out and let's see how we can partner together to meet your customer needs!