"Called and told them I wanted 5 big lobsters. Boy did they pull through. Biggest and best ones I've ever had. Dropped off 3 to the parents. I had to go to the store and get a bigger pot for my 2. these are some clunkers. thank you so much!!! Cant wait to see you again!!! #twinlobsterdinner" -Tim

"Very easy to receive a great local product. Thank You" - Jeffrey

"Just picked up my order!! Can’t wait to eat them! The ones from last week were so full and so delicious!!! Thank you!!!" -Sheena

Quotes from the Captain

"It's so rewarding to watch the lobster go from the trap to the table"

"It's in my blood."

"Money doesn't grow on trees, it (sometimes) crawls on the bottom of the ocean, you gotta go catch it."

--Justin Philbrook, Captain & Owner

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