We Work Hard for You

What you can expect from us

A top quality product.  A company that's been built on integrity and the hardest of work (can you imagine what it's like working offshore in January in Maine?!) 

What we expect of you

Many of our products are very perishable.  We expect our Customers are handling these very delicate, perishable products with the utmost level of care.  When your order arrives, it is essential that you immediately refrigerate it to preserve it.  We recommend you cook your live lobster within 24 hours of receiving it and then enjoy!  

Return & Exchanges

Although we do not offer returns, refunds of exchanges on any of our orders, Customer satisfaction is a top-priority of Sea Blessings Lobster.  If at any time you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please let us know so we can determine how we can make it right.