A Philosophy--On & Off the Water

I am sometimes asked, where did the name F/V Reverence come from?  (For those newbies, F/V stands for Fishing Vessel)




  1. deep respect for someone or something.

  2. a gesture of honor or respect (such as a bow)

  3. the state of being revered

  4. one held in reverence

As a professional fisherman in midcoast Maine, it’s a pleasure and an honor to represent the community I call home. I’m known for an infallible work ethic and dedicated style while on the water, but outside of work I consider myself a soft-spoken person. While I absolutely love lobstering and have a variety of water activities as hobbies (lobstering, tuna, sport fishing to name a few), I like to think of myself as more than just a business owner. I’m working hard to be a positive role model to my two young daughters, instilling values of hard-work and ethical activity, while also promoting a spirit of giving back and respecting the water resources available, and building a legacy people will remember me for.


Meet The Crew

Matt: a fiercely loyal sternman who has been a member of the Sea Blessings Crew since he and Justin were just teenagers.  Since their time working together, Matt has also developed personally as well, recently obtaining his own lobster license in Maine.  We are very fortunate to have Matt onboard, helping ensure the success of the catch,  and also ensuring things are done safely--which is the most important thing working on the water.

Aaron: Aaron joined the Sea Blessings team a few years ago and has been a pleasant addition to the team with an upbeat, positive can-do attitude.  Aaron is always willing to pitch in, roll up his sleeves, and do everything and anything needed onboard. 

Whether we are fishing in the winter months and on the boat for days at a time (anxiously waiting to get home to our families, comfortable beds, and warm fireplaces), or working 12-16 hour days in the summer months inshore, I couldn't do it without you both.  Thank you both for all you do, and I appreciate you!